the apple ipad: just a begining

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Wow! I can’t believe how much debate is flying around about Apple’s new product, the iPad, which they officially introduced yesterday. People expect a lot from Apple these days, and apparently they get really upset when the newest  apple product just isn’t something they instantly want. Though I do understand some of the criticism, I feel much of the feedback is a little misplaced. Interestingly enough, much of the most vehement negative commentary is coming directly form some of apple’s biggest devotees; creatives.  It’s widely known that many of apple’s most ardent followers lean heavily on the creative side of things, i.e. designers, artists, etc.  They are upset because they expect apple products to be ‘tools’ for their creation of work and expression, and the ipad is clearly NOT intended for producing any type of content, but rather for consuming it.  And that’s fine. If the recent success of e-readers like the Kindle has taught us anything its that there is a momentous shift underway to bring every last shred of existing media, art, and entertainment content to a digital audience. Creating an attractive and well designed product with which people can experience this transition of content, is certainly a legitimate cause for a new entry form apple. I think it’s pretty clear that, in typical apple fashion, this a preemptive entry into a still developing market, just as the now iconic iPod was nearly a decade ago.

The one thing I will agree on with the dissenters is that the name “iPad” is absolutely horrible.  Can’t win em’ all apple, try again.


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