About this blog:

Designstoker is a weblog about informed design.  It is intended to highlight and explore different approaches to sustainable design by exploring the emergent materials and technologies that drive them.  My interest in this subject is derived from my work as a freelance designer and consultant in NYC, and my daily trolling for the latest information on design, technology and sustainability.

About this designer:

Aaron is a freelance designer and sustainability consultant based in New York City. After serving several years as the Sustainability and Technology Specialist for a leading consumer product / packaging design firm, he now shares his expertise with a wide range of clients
seeking strategic insight in the realm of Sustainable design. A strong proponent of Design Research, Aaron believes that applying the right information and understanding to a challenge is crucial in devising truly affective solutions and recommendations. It is an approach that has served him well in his nearly 5 years of experience assisting global brands develop more responsible products and services which elevate the user experience. Aaron’s outright obsession with information has given him a unique perspective as a design facilitator. His daily search for inspiring products, materials and processes is as much a personal indulgence as it is a job. Aaron has a Degree in History from the University of Michigan and studied Industrial Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.



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