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a better scrubber means goodbye detergent!

Goodbye detergent! is a new line of environmentally friendly scrubs that aim to clean-up your home cleaning habits.  Made with naturally abrasive materials such as recycled corn cobs, peach pits, and walnut shells, the line of reusable scrubs is meant to help reduce the need for conventional soaps and detergents.  By matching the abrasive qualities of these natural materials with specific household cleaning needs, the company has created range of scrubs designed specifically for different home surfaces and cookware materials.  The scrubs also feature minimal packaging made of 100% recycled material.

image via goodbyedetergent.com

It is widely known that many household soaps and detergents contain toxic or otherwise harmful chemicals.  These substances pose a threat not only to our personal health, but also to the environment, as they eventually make there way into our ocean, and river systems.  This is an issue that is currently being addressed by the myriad of “natural” and “non-toxic” cleaning products already available on the market. The eco-friendly scrubs from Goodbye detergent! seek to take this idea a step further by  reducing the need for soaps all together.  So regardless of what soap you use, you can be at least a shade or two greener by simply using less of it, and using a better scrub.

The Scrubs are designed by industrial designer Hiroki Hayashi. All the products are made in Japan and have been awarded numerous international design citations.  Goodbye detergent! scrubs are available at Amazon.com and other major online retailers.